One in ten deaths in the Civil War?

Newly revised statistical measure of the Civil War has the numbers of male deaths and consequent widows and orphans much higher than previously believed.

“Even as Civil War history has gone through several cycles of revision, one thing has remained fixed: the number of dead. Since about 1900, historians and the general public have assumed that 618,222 men died on both sides. That number is probably a significant undercount, however. New estimates, based on Census data, indicate that the death toll was approximately 750,000, and may have been as high as 850,000.”

Adjusted for today’s population that would be about seven and a half million.

Go here for the whole story. And more here on YouTube.

In Houston, in 1867, Confederate veterans famously organized a home for 250 orphans of deceased Confederate soldiers.

Via The Civil War Gazette.

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