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Secession Again?

“Secession is in the air again, ironically for the same reason the South seceded in 1860—dissatisfaction with the results of the presidential election. In 1860 it was Abe Lincoln; in 2016 it’s Donald Trump. And it’s not the South this … Continue reading

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Gettysburg’s 150th

I’m not sorry to be missing Gettysburg’s 150th anniversary these next three days. Too much of the occasion will be taken up by reenactment events, which reenactment participants call “impressions.” But too many of the reenactors are too corpulent and all … Continue reading

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Federal troops originally fought only for the Union

In the novel, Sergeant Timothy Chase uses his eyewitness experience of the Monitor and Merrimack battle of 1862 as an entertaining dramatic narrative to deflect the anger some other federal troops occasionally turned on him and his comrades of the … Continue reading

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President Lincoln’s proclamation

President Lincoln attached great importance to East Tennessee because of the strong Union sentiment in a bread-basket region whose refusal to support the Confederacy would aid a Union victory. So, on Dec. 7, 1863, after the Rebels were defeated at … Continue reading

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The war begins

It has nothing (directly) to do with the Rebel attack on Fort Sanders, but today’s 150th anniversary of the Confederate mortar and other shells fired at Fort Sumter in Charleston, S.C., Harbor was the beginning of the war. It began … Continue reading

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