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Those sharpshooters

Sharpshooters, like the unknown Rebel one who felled Fort Sanders’ namesake, General William P. Sanders, from more than a mile away, were special troops with their own drill and esprit. It helped that they often had special arms such as … Continue reading

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Colonel Kennon McElroy’s grave

Here’s a possible correction in the Afterword—not in the novel itself. In the Afterword, I asserted that the grave of Colonel Kennon McElroy was unknown. It was as far as I knew at the time I wrote the novel. Apparently … Continue reading

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Zouaves at Knoxville

It’s doubtful whether the Lauderdale Zouaves company of the 13th Mississippi Regiment still had uniforms as presentable as this when the regiment attacked Fort Sanders on Nov. 29, 1863. But such apparently was their appearance when the war began. Their … Continue reading

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Fort Sanders Photographs

The few extant photographs of Fort Sanders, including the cropping atop this page, apparently were taken after the Nov. 29, 1863, battle by George Barnard, the official photographer for Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman’s Military Division of the Mississippi. Barnard, … Continue reading

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“Our own good Colonel Cameron”

Long before they defended Fort Sanders’s Northwest Bastion, the Seventy-Ninth New York Cameron Highlanders was decimated on the slope of Henry Hill at First Manassas, where their first regimental colonel, James Cameron, was killed by a bullet in his chest. Cameron’s … Continue reading

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An honor guard

An honor guard for the dead of Fort Sanders as this sesquicentennial period nears its end.

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Reprise: Corporal Watkins at Fort Sanders

John Watkins, of the Nineteenth Ohio Battery, which was held in reserve during the fight, survived the war and attended a Knoxville reunion in 1895. He saw the beginning of the end of the red-clay fort and wrote home about it: “Went … Continue reading

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Reprise: Honors for Gen. Sanders

In addition to having the earthwork the Rebels dubbed Fort Loudon named for him, Union Gen. William P. Sanders has had other honors since—including a curious juxtaposition of his historical marker with his onetime burial place. “Knoxville’s Fort Sanders neighborhood and Fort Sanders Presbyterian Hospital, both … Continue reading

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