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Parson Brownlow’s wife Elisa

In the novel, the historical Elisa Brownlow and my fictional Leila Ellis are close friends. This photo of Mrs. Brownlow was taken in Philadelphia, Pa, soon after the war began when the Confederates had kicked her husband out of Knoxville … Continue reading

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Civil War dresses

The novel’s fictional character Parthenia Leila Ellis, of course, wore full black mourning because she was a new widow. But her good friend, the historical figure Elisa Brownlow might have worn something like this pretty plum wheat dress with bell-shaped … Continue reading

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Stonewall’s Unionist sister

One of the themes of Knoxville 1863 is the bitter division of the town and surrounding area between Unionists and Confederates. Leila Ellis, Confederate Major Clayton Ellis’s widow, is herself a Union sympathizer. Not to mention Knoxville Unionist Elisa Brownlow’s … Continue reading

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News from Confederate Veteran

From the September, 1895 edition of the magazine: “How indeed ‘all the world is akin!’ The widow of Gov. W. G. Brownlow, conspicuous for many years in Tennessee, especially in reconstruction times, still lives in their well-known residence in Knoxville. … Continue reading

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