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Private Henderson George

A post-war picture of the Hundredth Pennsylvania Regiment diarist.

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Regimental Histories: Hundredth Pennsylvania

Campaigning With the Roundheads. This 1995 history, which is unfortunately not a POD and therefore out-of-print (and so pricey at $59 a copy), nevertheless is built on extensive soldiers’ reminiscences—including details of the regiment’s defense of Fort Sanders.

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Much in need of clothing and shoes

The Rebels at Knoxville? Absolutely, but not in this case. More from Hundredth Pennsylvania Private Henderson George’s good diary: “Thirteenth day of the siege. Weather clear and cold. Troops in good heart since the fight yesterday, although subsisting on chopped … Continue reading

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“…wove telegraph wire around the stumps…”

Hundredth Pennsylvania Private Henderson George recorded his observations on the Union preparations for the Rebel attack on the northwest bastion within a few hours of the end of the fight: “As an entanglement, our troops during the course of the … Continue reading

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