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Susan Brownlow’s grave

Susan  Brownlow, daughter of the parson the Confederacy hated, was a young widow (Sawyers) with a five-year-old child at the time of the novel, though she often left the child with one of the family’s house slaves. She was a … Continue reading

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Burnside’s headquarters

Gen. Burnside made his Knoxville headquarters here at the home of Congressman & attorney John Hervey Crozier. It was no less a mansion than Longstreet’s HQ at Bleak House, the Armstrong’s Italianate villa southeast of town. In the novel, the … Continue reading

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That Yankee-lovin’ parson

Dissent from Confederate political-correctness was not unusual in the Civil War, as professional historian Victoria Bynum’s latest book relates. Parson Bill Brownlow probably was unique, however, in his willingness to risk all by publicizing his dissent in the pages of … Continue reading

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