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Black powder

Civil War reenactors, at least in Washington State, are said to burn at least a hundred pounds of black powder in one of their typical blooodless battles. Thus, in this Sesquicentennial of the war, they are lobbying for a change … Continue reading

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Reenactor anachronisms

The rifled parrott gun in this mock Northwest Bastion of a pretend Fort Sanders (miles away from where the original sat) is just one of the anachronisms the reenactor community puts up with. The only big guns in the bastion … Continue reading

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The knapsack

As usual, the surviving examples of the soldier’s humble knapsack are mainly Union ones. But Confederate knapsacks were similar in design and appearance and, late in the war, were Union as well—confiscated from the battlefield. Interestingly, the soldier’s knapsack had … Continue reading

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Bleak House gets a new historic marker

Reenactors portray Longstreet (left) and an aging Rebel private at the new Bleak House marker. Via

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