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Burnside’s congratulations

The day before President Lincoln issued his proclamation of thanksgiving for the Confederate defeat at Knoxville, Union Gen. Ambrose Burnside congratulated his troops on their steadfast performance: “The Army of the Ohio has nobly guarded the loyal region it redeemed … Continue reading

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Reprise: Bustin’ Caps

Even before the war, the percussion cap had replaced the older flintlock and matchlock systems for firing a musket/rifle. The copper cap had the advantage of being useful in all weather. Their manufacture in Knoxville was due to the town’s … Continue reading

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Starving privates, gorging generals

Gen. Burnside’s Union troops were so hungry, according to some diaries and memoirs, they were stealing corn meal from the feed bags of the artillery and cavalry horses. So when Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman’s troops arrived on Dec. 6 to … Continue reading

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The dancing master in the bomb-proof

Gen. Edward Ferraro, a New York dancing master turned politically-appointed Union general, nominally commanded the troops who defended Fort Sanders. In fact, Ferraro didn’t lead anyone but spent the battle for the fort in his bomb-proof shelter along the north … Continue reading

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The post-war Union view

The Nov. 28, 1863, Rebel attack on the Union pickets in front of Fort Sanders’ northwest bastion was as clear a tip off as anything could be that a larger ground attack was imminent, according to these recollections in the … Continue reading

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The Union was watching

New York Herald, Nov. 24, 1863 What history has generally forgotten was important at the time.

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The Lamar Hotel

Also known as the Lamar House and, today, at least on the rear (S. Gay Street) side, the Bijou Theatre. It was there that Union cavalryman Gen. William P. Sanders died from a mortal wounding by a Rebel sharpshooter (sniper), … Continue reading

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Captain Orlando Metcalfe Poe

Captain Poe, Gen. Burnside’s chief engineer, worked with Lieutenant Benjamin in preparing some of the innovative defenses at Fort Sanders. (No spoilers; read the book.) Poe (West Point, Class of 1856) rose to colonel of volunteers, then was appointed brigadier … Continue reading

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