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Reprise: Civil War Flapdoodle

The Sesquicentennial ought to be producing new works of fact on the war, instead of merely recycling and regurgitating the same old malarky. But greedy publishers and lazy editors will have their way. Abbeville Press’s 2011 Great Civil War Heroes & … Continue reading

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The battle’s sesquicentennial

One hundred fifty years ago at dawn today, four seriously-under strength Mississippi and Georgia regiments attacked the earthwork Fort Sanders on Knoxville’s west side. The very subject of Knoxville 1863, the novel—this blog—and the book itself. I suppose there will be … Continue reading

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Reprise: Monitors repulsed

The novel’s Sergeant Timothy Chase of the Twenty-Ninth Massachusetts made much among his fellow Union soldiers of his unique view of the Monitor and Merrimac (CSA Virgina) battle in Hampton Roads back in 1862. Chase thought he’d seen the future … Continue reading

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Reprise: Camp Chase, the fiddle tune

Camp Chase was a Union prisoner-of-war camp in Ohio which took several of the captured Rebels from the Battle of Fort Sanders, including the 13th Mississippi’s Lieutenant Colonel Alfred George Washington O’Brien. The POW camp already had, by tradition anyhow, a … Continue reading

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Reprise: Corporal Watkins at Fort Sanders

John Watkins, of the Nineteenth Ohio Battery, which was held in reserve during the fight, survived the war and attended a Knoxville reunion in 1895. He saw the beginning of the end of the red-clay fort and wrote home about it: “Went … Continue reading

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Reprise: Honors for Gen. Sanders

In addition to having the earthwork the Rebels dubbed Fort Loudon named for him, Union Gen. William P. Sanders has had other honors since—including a curious juxtaposition of his historical marker with his onetime burial place. “Knoxville’s Fort Sanders neighborhood and Fort Sanders Presbyterian Hospital, both … Continue reading

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Reprise: McLaws Challenged To A Duel

Gen. Lafayette McLaws was not only relieved as a division commander by General Longstreet after the Fort Sanders debacle, McLaws was promptly challenged to a duel. The challenge came from “Major Gerrold [George Bruce  Gerald] of the 18th Mississippi Regiment,” according to … Continue reading

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One man used an axe

This Harper’s Weekly lithograph is the only picture I know of that shows a Union defender wielding an axe in defense of the Northwest Bastion of Fort Sanders. “One man used an axe,” U.S. Army Lieutenant Samuel Nicoll Benjamin wrote … Continue reading

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