USS Monitor restoration continues


The USS Monitor ironclad is featured in the novel in the recollections of Sergeant Timothy Chase of the 29th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment. The fictional sergeant saw the Monitor’s successful fight against the CSS Virginia ironclad in 1862 and has “dined out” on the experience ever since. The real Monitor is undergoing restoration in Newport News, Virginia.

“Mariners’ Museum conservators are performing electrolysis and desalination of USS Monitor‘s 120-ton revolving gun turret. The 90,000 gallon treatment tank [pictured above] is filled with an alkaline solution of sodium hydroxide in reverse osmosis water to promote electrolysis and desalination. Treatment of the wrought iron gun turret is anticipated to take an additional 15 years before the turret will be stable enough to display in the Large Artifact Gallery of the Ironclad Revolution exhibit at the USS Monitor Center.”

Watch it all on Webcam. Refreshed every twelve seconds. If nothing seems to be happening, you’ll notice that an occasional breeze ripples the surface. 😉

Via USS Monitor Center.

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