Reprise: Confederate shell jackets

Some of Longstreet’s First Corps received new shell jackets from the state of North Carolina when their train stopped en route from Petersburg, VA, to Ringgold, GA, in the late summer of ’63.

“Wasn’t made well, I came to find out,” Bird Clark said of his gray jacket. It probably didn’t look as bad as these museum pieces (scroll down for the photos) but, then again, who can be sure?

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3 Responses to Reprise: Confederate shell jackets

  1. Lee White says:

    Just a little note, the jackets that Longstreet’s Corps received were not from the state of North Carolina, but were issued from the Richmond Clothing Depot before they departed. Glenn Tucker started the myth while researching his book on Chickamauga and wasnt able to find the source of the jackets so he attached it to NC since the state was making so many jackets. The Jackets were of the Richmond Depot pattern and made of imported blue gray kersey, that gave them a dusty blue appearance. Now after Knoxville, Gov Vance did send over some clothing, but not before. I really enjoy your blog, keep up the good work.

    • Fred Rickard says:

      Hey Lee,

      According to Les Jensen it is also possible that some of those blue gray jackets came out of Charleston; Richmond perhaps not having enough clothing to “fill the order”.

  2. Dick Stanley says:

    Thanks for the comment. I’ve seen your criticism of Tucker’s “Chickamauga: Bloody Battle in the West” at Amazon and gather that you work for the park service at the Chickamauga battlefield park. I’m not sure I got that detail from Tucker’s book, but I may have. I think I bought it at a park service book shop years ago, possibly at Shiloh. I’ve never been to Chickamauga.

    Googling around now, I find that the 2002 edition of the West Point military history series lists Tucker’s book in its bibliography with the notation: “Although largely undocumented, this is still an excellent source.” So tell me what your source is for your version of the issuance of the jackets. If Tucker is wrong, I’ll make a correction here on the blog for readers of the novel.

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