Brownlow’s religious attacks

Parson Brownlow of Knoxville liked to say that he was “never neutral” on any issue. Even before he became the scourge of East Tennessee Confederates, the Methodist minister had been attacking Baptists who were encroaching on Methodist popularity among the people.

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3 Responses to Brownlow’s religious attacks

  1. Jerry Hamilton says:

    I am trying to find the correct location of Castle Fox (the Knoxville Jail) and the Gallows in Knoxville in 1861. I have heard it was on the current location of the Old Court house built in 1880’s. I would like to confirm the location.

    • Dick Stanley says:

      I have no idea where it was, though I’d presume it was, as you say, near the old courthouse. Perhaps the McClung Museum might have old maps of the city that would show it.

  2. Actually I did end up finding it in a photo on the McClung Museum site. It was located to the west of the old court house on Hill Ave.

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