“My Office Is A Battlefield”

Post-war reconciliation monument by the veterans of the principal defenders of the Northwest Bastion.

From Knoxville law professor Glenn Reynolds whose office is in the Fort Sanders neighborhood—the development that’s all that’s left of the old fort and environs—which now and then gives him thoughts on the war and its effects.

Glenn gave the novel a plug last summer, which promptly boosted sales. Unfortunately it was right before I got the new Kindle edition ready for sale—properly formatted with a map. But it’s out there now, and considerably cheaper than the paperback, if you’d like to try a copy.

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3 Responses to “My Office Is A Battlefield”

  1. Lee White says:

    Interesting that that exact pose was used for the bronze statue atop of the New York Peace Monument at Point Park on Lookout Mtn.

  2. Dick Stanley says:

    Thanks for commenting, Lee. It’s generic monument art of the period, I suppose.

  3. Kelli Nelson says:

    Actually, there is a connection between this memorial and the one at Lookout Mountain. Both were erected by the New York Monuments Commission that was formed during the period. General Daniel Sickles (who is best known for his not so glorious involvement in the battle at Gettysburg and his later influence on the battlefield preservation) was president of the commission and took credit for the design he titled “Reconciliation.”

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