No men who are determined to succeed can fail

			November 28, 1863

General M. JENKINS,
Commanding Division:

	GENERAL: Your letter is received. 
The work of the enemy is not inclosed. 
The ditch is probably at some points not 
more than 3 feet deep and 5 or 6 feet wide; 
at least, we so judged it yesterday in looking 
at a man walk down the parapet and over 
the ditch.  I thought that you saw the man, 
as you had been with us.  I have no 
apprehension of the result of the attack 
if we go at it.  We should avail ourselves 
of everything, however, that may aid or 
relieve us.  After your first brigade has 
gained the enemy's lines, I desire that 
it should wheel to the left and pursue the 
attack to the left along the enemy's rear 
and on his right, and your other brigade 
should conform to this movement.  
Johnson's division will be ordered to 
follow it.  Keep your men well at their 
work, and do not listen to the idea of 
failing and we shall not fail.  If we go in 
with the idea that we shall fail, we will 
be sure to do so.  But no men who are 
determined to succeed can fail.  Let me 
urge you not to entertain such feelings 
for a moment.  Do not let any one fail, 
or any thing.
	I remain, general, most respectfully, 
your obedient servant,


Via University of Tennessee at Knoxville

About Dick Stanley

Retired Texas daily newspaperman
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