Whitworth rifles

Even Queen Victoria could hit the bulls eye from 400 yards with an English Whitworth sniper rifle.

So a Rebel sharpshooter—apparently firing one with a telescope sight on it from the Bleak House tower—would have had no trouble killing Gen. William P. Sanders.

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2 Responses to Whitworth rifles

  1. Steve Foster says:

    I just ran across your website Knoxville 1863. I was born and raised in Knoxville, and have always been interested in the Assault on Fort Sanders and the defense of Knoxville during the Civil War. In fact, I have 3 copies of Divided Loyalties by Digby Gordon Seymour (First and Second editions from The East Tennessee Historical Society both autographed by Dr. Seymour).

    I am interested in the use of the Whitworth Rifle in the shooting of General Sanders. Do you have any resources on this? I am currently living in SC and out of touch with a lot of the current research that has been conducted on Fort Sanders since 1985.

    I am assuming that a novel has been written on the battle? I have never seen it over in SC. Can you tell me more about it?

  2. Dick Stanley says:

    Hi Steve, thanks for commenting.

    All of the information about my novel is at its Amazon page, accessible via the link at the top of the home page here. The novel is sold primarily through Amazon, in paper and ebook.

    I didn’t focus on the Whitworth, so I don’t know much about it, but a Google search would be the place to start. I have read Seymour, but as near as I could determine, in doing my own research for the novel, he seems not to have done much further investigating since publication of his first edition.

    I don’t know of any subsequent study of the whole battle by anyone, except what I did myself, beginning with Seymour’s bibliography and adding additional primary materials I uncovered on my own. There is a partial list of them in the notes section in the back of the novel, and more are referred to in various places here on the blog. Start with categories on the right hand side and work your way through the listings.

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