Instalanch for Knoxville 1863

Good old Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit (who also lives in Knoxville), acknowledged the review copy I sent him and posted its title and the Amazon link on Wednesday morning. I wondered why Amazon had the ebook (at one point) ranked No. 56 in Historical Fiction sales. Thanks, Glenn.

Only problem for me is that he posted the link to the Lulu-distributed edition, for which I get pennies on the dollar, instead of the CreateSpace-distributed one, for which I get a lot more. They’re otherwise the same paperback.

But some click-throughs noticed that the CS one is about half as costly, and they bought it. And the ebook had sold twenty copies by the end of the day. Did I mention that it was (at one point) ranked No. 56 in Historical Fiction for the Kindle? Yee-haw!

Meanwhile,  by Saturday morning Amazon should have up the new Kindle edition which includes the paperback cover, a battlefield map (posted here), a linked table of contents, and the Afterword corrections mentioned in this post. Not to mention indented paragraphs. I don’t know why they weren’t indented before. They were in the file I submitted. This new one was done by Joshua Tallent.

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