In which I make two corrections

I said in the Afterword that any errors of historical fact in the book would not be attributable to any of my source materials but would be all mine. Recently I found two and wish to acknowledge and correct them. They are not in the novel, but in the Afterword itself.

Therein, I said that Gen. Benjamin Grubb Humphreys, who commanded the Mississippi Brigade after Gen. Barksdale’s death, surrendered with the brigade at Appomattox.

He did not. He was seriously wounded at Berryville, southeast of Winchester, VA, in September, 1864, when a Minie bullet deeply creased his chest. He survived, but went home from the war for good. He did go on to be elected the state’s first governor after the war, until he was removed from office by the conquering military authority which enforced martial law in Mississippi until 1870.

I also said that Gen. Longstreet was appointed ambassador to Turkey by President Grant. He was not. President Rutherford B. Hayes appointed Longstreet U.S. Minister to Turkey. Longstreet did, of course, become Grant’s great supporter, and a Republican, and that cost Longstreet much Southern support.

The mistakes have been corrected in the novel’s most recent ebook edition, which will soon be available at Amazon, and will be included in a revised paper edition in a few weeks. And if you have an older, paper edition, you can print this out and slip it into the back pages, if you like. My apology. I regret the errors.

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