News from Confederate Veteran

From the September, 1895 edition of the magazine:

“How indeed ‘all the world is akin!’ The widow of Gov. W. G. Brownlow, conspicuous for many years in Tennessee, especially in reconstruction times, still lives in their well-known residence in Knoxville. Recently, in conversing with a friend, [Elisa] said she was always delicate, but had outlived all of her family of eight but her youngest brother, a Mr. O’Brien, of Starkville, Miss. In the conversation she stated that he and a brother of Dwight L. Moody, (the Evangelist) of Port Gibson, were Confederate soldiers in the war, were captured near Knoxville, and that she went to Gen. Burnside, commander there, and got permission for them to stay at her home until time for sending them North.”

So now you know what happened to Lt. Col. O’Brien. Except for his stay at the Camp Chase prison camp in Ohio. More on that later.

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Retired Texas daily newspaperman
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